Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Yooka Laylikwami


At first, 'Yakuza Kiwami' felt a lot like 'Yakuza 0', which I recently finished, but after a few minutes the story already had me sucked in and now I'm 6 hours into the game or so.  Looks to be a bit shorter than Zero too.

Kinda torn on Majima.  Loved him in Zero, and I like him well enough here, but with Zero had developed his mental break a bit more smoothly.  He's like night and day and its hard to even see him as the same character.  Long time fans of the series must have been super confused by his character in Zero.

Anyway, I'll keep chipping away at it.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Nobody's Golf

Wow, it's already been a week since I last updated.  I need to set a routine.  I've had some health stuff going on and it's been on my mind constantly.  ANYWAY.

Tuesday, I picked up 'Yakuza Kiwami' and 'Everybody's Golf' for the PS4.  I played a little bit of Yakuza, and it feels like straight up 'Yakuza 0'.  Like a very direct continuation of that game (although my favorite save point was missing in Kiwami).  Mostly though I've been digging 'Everybody's Golf'.  Known up until now as 'Hot Shots Golf' in the US, but always known as Everybody's Golf overseas.  The game is very easily accessible.  It's the same three tap system golf games have used for thirty years (or a two tap system for beginners), and getting to actual gameplay is fast and straightforward.  BUT the clubs level up alongside your player, and to greater effect.  For example, my driver might be leveling up quickly on power, but not as quickly on control, while my sand wedge might have great control, but is slower to level on power.  It's pretty engaging and fun to watch your clubs level up, but it kinda bones beginners.  I had played an hour or so alone, then played with a friend who was about eight hours into the game.  He had the ability to outdrive me by 80 yards because his power was leveled up way past mine.  My best score with my normal player was -4 on a 9 hole round.  I tried using a maxed out player in a multiplayer mode, and my first 9 hold round I was -12 just because I was maxed out!  My clubs were all the best they could be.  Even my wife, who hasn't played a golf game in 15 years, and even then only one or two rounds, got two birdies with her maxed out player.  So the game is a bit lopsided in that aspect, but still very charming and fun.  I gotta unlock a cart and fishing ASAP.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quick Hits

Grabbed several digital games this week:

  • The Sexy Brutale (XBO)
  • Shadow Warrior/Shadow Warrior 2 (PS4)
  • Slime-San (Switch)
  • Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Switch)
  • Sonic Mania (Switch)
Played a little 'Sexy Brutale' and I like it so far.  Groundhog Day mixed with CLUE.  Prevent murders, turn back the clock, prevent more murders.  Great art and music so far.

Also, played some 'Shadow Warrior 2' last night and really enjoyed it.  Even my wife was into watching it.  Your character is named Lo Wang and is constantly delivering bad one-liners, to decent comedic effect.  Tight controls, decent graphics, cool weapons... Big dumb fun.  Reminds me a bit of 'Shadow of the Damned' in tone.

'Sonic Mania' feels great.  Feels like how you remember 'good' Sonic feeling, but with some great polish tacked on too.  'Mighty Gunvolt' is a lot of fun so far too.  Mega Man-style gameplay and graphics with a lot of additional challenges and secrets to dig into.  'Slime-San' kinda feels like a mobile game, but with the benefit of physical controls.  It's like a more puzzle-y, easier Super Meat Boy I guess.  Good music too.

Played some 'Sine More EX (XBO)' yesterday too and loved it, but was sleepy and you cannot play a sidescrolling shooter while dozing off.

Just wanted to get SOME thoughts down to keep some momentum writing.  I need to go solder, and have to get x-rays of my guts later today.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Agents of Meh-ham

AS SOON AS I OPENED THIS BLANK PAGE TO WRITE, my wife walks in and starts talking to me.  Being married is constantly getting interrupted and trying to remember what you saying.  Having kids is like writing and someone bumps your elbow and fucks up whatever you were writing.  Over and over and over and over.

'Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap' physical copy came today.  'Sine Mora EX' came the other day.  'No Man's Sky' received a huge update yesterday and it's been kinda sounding good again lately.  I'm going to play a bit more 'Agents of Mayhem' though because it is not kid-safe and they are asleep.  AOM is already kinda getting stale.  There is a lot to do, but its all the same thing. Over and over and over and over. (*cough*)  The LEGION Lair's are almost all literally the same.  They look identical and half the rooms just say 'exit to next room' or whatever.  Boring grind.  Crackdown 3 was just pushed back six months and it feels like AOM has lots of room to rule that arena in the meantime.  How many people are going to sit through the grind though?  I have 9 of the 12 agents unlocked as playable characters.  So far, the only interesting stories are the agent stories, but even the missions are kinda dull.  How did they go from Saint's Row 2 that was BURSTING with so many different sidemissions and playstyles and distractions, to this?  I'm guessing building the new engine took more time than they expected and they weren't able to flesh out the missions/modes as much?  Each of the 12 agents (14 with DLC) has full dialogue in all the story missions.  That's a lot of time spent writing text and recording.  I guess that's where they focused their time.  Who wants to play through the game once though, nevertheless FOURTEEN TIMES doing the same boring missions over and over.

Maybe they'll do some 'quality of life'-type patches to make things a little smoother (you can't fast travel or even select a custom waypoint.  You also cannot shoot your weapon while driving, but other vehicles can only be hurt by ramming them so I guess it doesn't matter?), and it'll breathe a little life into it?  Will I have moved on by then though?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Agents of Mayhem Day One Post

I use Gamepedia to track my physical game purchases.  Today, I picked up 'Agents of Mayhem' for the PS4.  First time in a while that I've bought a game on release day.  I also packed up 'Ever Oasis' to mail to a friend because after a couple months, I just know I'll never touch it again, and I'm looking at only getting $14 or so for it...might as well have a friend play it if they're into it.  Anyway, the last game I added to Gamepedia was 'Ever Oasis'!  In May of this year, I only added three new games to my collection, but every other month for ages has been 10+.  That's two games a week on average.

Kinda proud of myself for slowing down, BUT I did actually buy another game today.  Gamefly posted their monthly clearance sale, so I grabbed 'Halo Wars 2' for $14.99.  I passed on Prey for $19.99, 'Mafia III' for $17.99 and 'Steep' for $14.99, though I do want to play all of those games eventually.  Should I grab them now, knowing I can't play FIVE games at once?  They'll either get lower, or get lower digitally, right?

I don't play on Steam, so let me stop you right there.  I just won't play them on Steam, even if they're free.  Nothing against Steam, I just know myself and I won't get around to doing it.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's Oh So Quiet

Miracle Merchant - iOS

For the first time in a decade, I'm not involved in any podcasts.  I've done five (I think) in that time span.  One hit 100 episodes and 4,000 concurrent downloads (then I quit), another hit 50 episodes (then we both quit), another hit 30-some shows (then I quit) and the others were only a handful of episodes.  So now I'm TRAPPED with my own thoughts, and no one to vent to.  When my kids were born four years ago, I thought I could finally practice writing and make something out of myself.  I was wrong.  KIDS ARE A FUCKTON OF WORK.  Not ideal for practicing anything except operating motor vehicles on two hours of sleep for months at a time.

Been really down with what the 45 has done to the climate...not the atmospheric climate (yet), but the social climate?  Political climate?  MY EMOTIONAL CLIMATE?  Not trying to be a drama queen, but the dude is a major bummer and I've found myself reading more news in the past year than possibly in my entire lifetime combined, and also wanting to avoid the news at all costs.  It's seriously giving me anxiety.  I need to get some positive thoughts down, SO WHY NOT BLOG ABOUT IT?

Monday, April 4, 2011

High Speed (NES)

I almost want to do a review of this YouTube review of 'High Speed' for the NES... Narrated by a young Ben Stein.

Ok, so anyway... I just received a copy of 'High Speed' for the NES via Goozex. I dug out my RetroStation and stuck it in.

I was first struck by the awesome soundtrack, and then derailed by the terrible graphics. I was wondering if maybe the cart was not pushed down all the way, but it turns out the graphics just suck.


So, I have never actually played a real life 'High Speed' pinball machine (HS being one of the best selling pins of all time, with something like 17,000+ cabinets in existence.), though I have played the sequel, The Getaway, many times. Either way, I was expecting a straight virtual representation of the actual pin a la the other Rare pinball NES game, Pin*Bot.

No dice. Mere seconds into my first game, I collected a helicopter. WHAT? Yeah, a flashing helicopter showed up on the screen, and when I hit it, it flew down to rest on the apron. Ok... then I noticed some water bubbling up on the left of the playfield... then a tumbleweed passing by. THEN, a freaking BOMB blew up one of my flippers! ie. shattered it to pieces. A new flipper was airlifted in and installed during gameplay. So, it's a mix of the actual High Speed game, with some videogame flair. Then it turns out that collecting items leads to minigames (as seen in the YouTube review I posted above).

Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I was weirded out enough to run over to the computer to type up this mini review. It's like a mix of a 'real' pin and 'Pinball Quest', the NES pinball RPG. Yes, I just wrote 'pinball RPG'... but that's a game for another entry...

So, I'm intrigued, and will play more. My only real knock on the game (the bad graphics are a slight ding) is that the ball stops during some text, thus throwing off your rhythm. Kinda like the spiral magnets on Twilight Zone. You think the ball is coming and you flip, only to have the ball come a split-second later and pass by your flipper.

Overall: A for effort, C+ for execution.