Sunday, September 13, 2009

Green Island - 80 points - Xbox Indie Game

The rundown from
Name:GREEN ISLAND,Genre:ACTION,A BUTTON:The bubble is shot.,B BUTTON:Jump, Y BUTTON:Menu,Copyright 2009 Alpha Secret Base. All Rights Reserved.

- Clever puzzle design with action elements
- TONS of options (stage select, replay, 16bit-era options screen with sound tests, language selection, tutorial, time attack, etc.)
- Lots of levels
- Great colors with decent 16bit-era graphics
- A lot of content for only 80 points
- Constantly challenging with a comfortable learning curve

- Incredibly messy, text-heavy interface
- Several elements are lost in translation
- Annoying, generic lo-fi soundtrack
- Bizarre, tacked-on back story involving a quest for a pumpkin pie recipe

Overall: Very solid puzzler. A must-buy at 80 pts for puzzle fans.

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